About us

About LMP Consultants

We are mechanical & civil engineering experts

LMP Consultants is a consulting firm specializing in the construction, manufacturing, mining and show business industry. Our services include feasibility studies, development of technical specifications, design, calculations and finite element analysis. LMP Consultants has the expertise and the team to complete projects regardless of its scale. The team is composed mainly of engineers, designers and project managers, work, using equipment and advanced technology, to analyze, design and implement sustainable solutions.

We are mechanical & civil engineering experts

Our mission

LMP Consultants offers a wide range of services adapted to the needs of its customers. We are a company focused on proactivity and compliance to the objectives.

Our values

At LMP Consultants, we spend all our time and energy driving engineering in a professional way. We truly believe that business partnerships built around rigor, integrity and respect can go a long way.